Egg Donation

Gifted Parenthood

Poor ovarian reserve?

Compromised egg or embryo quality?

Multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles?


The egg donor program can be the answer for women who are unable to produce their own eggs or their eggs are of very poor quality.

The donated eggs are fertilized with your partner’s sperm as in a conventional IVF treatment cycle and the embryo (s) created are transferred in your uterus.

Carrying out a full-term healthy pregnancy, as a result of this process, can be the end of a difficult path of repeated failed IVF attempts for advanced age women, women who experience premature menopause or women who may have ovarian problems which preclude the normal egg development.

The matching process involves compliance with the blood group, the virology screening and the physical characteristics and phenotype of both partners.

To determine whether using an egg donor is the appropriate choice for you, you need first to make sure you know the actual cause of your infertility.