Egg freezing - Fertility preservation

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A promising fertility option for the empowered informed woman of today who wants to postpone a pregnancy but to keep the success rates of her young age.

It is advisable to freeze before 35 years old, though it can be done later too, especially using mild stimulation protocols that focus on the quality of the eggs collected.

Provided that the hormonal levels and the number of the antral follicles are optimal, the duration of this process is time and cost effective. Involves 7-10 days of treatment including ovarian stimulation, collection of the mature eggs with minimal intervention under sedation, rapid freezing (vitrification) and storage.

This process will not decrease the possibilities to conceive in a natural way in the future as it will take advantage of the eggs created only in one cycle and it doesn’t decrease the ovarian reserve overall.

A professional assessment of your fertility status is mandatory and it is the first step in order the doctor to guide you through the successful options, the appropriate nutrition and lifestyle changes and to plan a unique customized treatment protocol for your case.