Natural Cycle IVF

Enhancing natural egg selection

Natural IVF is the method by which Louise Brown was conceived. The first baby born by using in vitro fertilization when the full stimulation protocols were not yet popular. It involves the collection and the fertilization of the one naturally selected egg which a woman produces every month. No medications, no injections and no stress. It is a treatment option for all the age groups wishing to avoid medication and optimizing the egg quality in case of low ovarian reserve.

Modified Natural IVF is a customized natural approach using very low doses of fertility medications for 2-3 days in order to encourage the natural selection of more that 1 egg and increasing the number of embryos created.



“Say No to egg doping”, “Play True, Safely and Successfully”

Step up your natural modified IVF by stimulating your ovaries for 5-8 days aiming for >5 good quality eggs collected. The gentle stimulation preserves the quality of your eggs in contrast with the older aggressively stimulating protocols which can lead to more eggs but worse quality with short and long-term side effects for you and the baby. There is clear evidence that the mild approach in order to harvest the eggs produces more fertilised eggs and bigger, full term healthy babies.Natural IVF and Natural Modified IVF is an individualized IVF treatment plan based on each woman’s hormonal levels during her natural menstrual cycle. The treatment protocol varies depending on the age, the needs and the cycle in which the woman decides to start her treatment. Comparing the natural selection of the oocytes (eggs) with the conventional IVF protocols there is a significant advantage of better-quality oocytes as they are not “bombarded” with high doses of ovarian stimulating hormones but constitute the natural choice from the ovarian “deposit”. The modern woman spends less creative time, as the treatment is time- and cost-effective and it can be repeated safely every month without the required “rest” period of the ovaries as there is no risk of ovarian hyperstimulation.



Natural IVF

Nature’s advantages

  • Development of high-quality embryos is increased significantly (Kollmann et al. 2017).
  • Enhancement of the endometrium receptivity as there is no external effect on gene expression at cellular level during the development of the endometrium since there is no or limited administration of hormones (Horcajadas et al. 2008, von Wolff M et al. 2014).
  • Safe process without the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation and long-term impact to the woman’s health
  • Possibility for repeated cycles every month as it is not necessary a ‘rest’ period for the ovaries



The natural IVF is the best choice for women with:

  • poor ovarian response
  • poor egg quality
  • perimenopausal women
  • medical history of malignancy
  • high risk of developing ovarian overstimulation syndrome
  • repeated IVF failures using stimulation
  • reluctance to undergo injectable treatments

The natural IVF protocol requires close monitoring by a qualified physician, due to the complexity of hormonal fluctuations and the experience required in order to collect as many ovarian follicles as possible with the less intervention and the specific ability to obtain the oocytes during the egg retrieval procedure.

Do not hesitate to contact with the specialized obstetrician-gynecologist in IVF, Dr. Melina Stasinou ( for a personalized diagnosis and advice on your individualized natural protocol.