Endometrium rejuvenation

I have HPV, and now what?”

Testing positive for HPV is not significant as 90% of the time these infections will be undetectable within one or two years without any intervention. However, as this virus is sexual transmitted you need to receive the correct information regarding your risk to develop cervical cancer.

The modern liquid based cytology can be used not only to detect the presence of DNA High Risk HPV types but also to indicate the actual activity of them (episomatic or integrated) measuring the E6 and E7 mRNA oncoproteins from a single cervical sample. Their overexpression, which can be measured as E6/E7 messenger RNA (mRNA) transcripts, is associated with a significantly increased risk of CIN (Cervical Intraepithelial neoplasia) and cervical cancer. The use of this technology decreases the false-positive results and the unnecessary invasive procedures such as, colposcopy and biopsy.

Cervical testing is now a sophisticated diagnostic tool which can guide your doctor to give you the right advice regarding what to change in your lifestyle, when to repeat the test and if you need to be treated.