Ovarian reserve testing

Ovarian reserve testing

The Egg timer test describes the number of good quality eggs which remain within a woman’s ovaries. Delving into what ovarian reserve is we can distinguish two fertility aspects in this: “egg quality” and “egg quantity”.

Egg quality

A simple blood marker tested at any time during a normal menstrual cycle can clarify your ovarian reserve. This hormone (AMH anti-Mullerian hormone) is produced by early stages ovarian follicles. It is a superior predictor of ovarian potential and can determine and predict the response during fertility treatment.

Egg quantity

Advanced transvaginal ultrasound highlighting abnormalities of the uterus and giving information regarding the number of the small antral follicles that can be visualized in both ovaries is mandatory before proceeding to any recommendation regarding fertility preservation or further fertility intervention.

However, all the modern empowered women who are considering delaying pregnancy, women with a family history of premature ovarian failure, autoimmune disease, chemotherapy or previous surgery to the ovaries are well suited to ovarian reserve testing, otherwise known as The Egg Timer Test.